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This portal integrates the DEKRA webservices and DEKRA products for our customers, business partners and employees.


For its business partners and employees, DEKRA provides a webmail, which can be used to handle business related e-mails. The functionality of this webmail compares to those of gmx. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to set up a personal mailbox for you on request.


For exchange and central storage of business related documents, DEKRA provides the DocumentCenter for its customers, business partners and employees. Your documents, stored on this web based platform, can be viewed and also edited by you and other authorised persons. Therefor a detailed user-rights-management-system is applied, which arranges for the documents only to be accessed by persons for whom they are meant for. The upload to and download from the DocumentCenter is protected against unauthorised access by an encrypted connection. Hence, the DocumentCenter the ideal platform for storage within distributed projects, data exchange with customers and collaboration with business partners.


Since several years, DSN-Bau is successfully in use to generate building damage assessments, one of DEKRAs products. The system arbitrates between DEKRA, Customers, third-party surveyors and insurance companies. DSN-Bau is THE web based platform for damage management and project controlling.